Bonus buy features banned by UKGC

buying the bonus buy feature

The well-known bonus buy features in Megaways slots are not allowed anymore in the United Kingdom. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) announced this earlier this month. The new regulation will affect many game providers including Blueprint Gaming. Blueprint has multiple Megaways slots where you can buy bonuses with the bonus buy feature. The new regulation will affect old Megaways slots, but also new Megaways slots for UK gamblers.

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Why is the bonus buy feature not available anymore in UK?

Buying a bonus in Megaways slots is popular among UK gamblers, but also a very expensive way to get into the bonus game. The bonus buy feature usually cost you around 100x the size of your bet. If you’re for example playing on a £1 bet size, buying a bonus in a Megaways slot will cost you £100. With one click on your mouse, you’re £100 lighter. Buying a bonus game doesn’t guarantee you a big win nor your money back. It doesn’t even guarantee you any winnings at all. You could end up with empty hands especially if you decide to use the gamble feature. In the bonus game you can gamble for more free spins, but you can also end up losing the bonus game. Buying the bonus buy feature in a Megaways slot can be seen as one single spin. If you look at it this way, you may say that buying a bonus feature is way too expensive and not responsible. It can negatively influence gamblers who are tempted by the bonus buy feature and buy bonuses over and over again.

Online gambling is a lot of fun, but can also be tempting for some people. Always play responsibly and never chase your losses. By banning the bonus buy features by the UKGC we believe they took another step into the right decision to make online gambling more responsible in a safe environment.

What will happen to old Megaways slots with a bonus buy feature?

Megaways slots that have been released in the past do need to be made unavailable for UK players or simply need a make-over by removing the bonus buy features. Our preference would go out to a make-over of the existing Megaways slots. Megaways slots are very popular and liked by UK players. That’s the main reason why the old Megaways slots should be still playable from within the UK.

Will removing the bonus buy feature takes away all the fun?

No, removing the bonus buy feature won’t take away all the fun. In Megaways slots it’s not only about the bonus games. The base game is very exciting with all the special features such as the random feature and mystery symbols. The tens of thousands of Megaways and the high value premium symbols make every spin exciting. Besides, you can win the bonus game by hitting 3 scatters!

If you’re seeking for the bonus game in a Megaways slot, playing the actual slot is a much safer and more responsible way than buying the bonus. While you’re playing the online slot, you’re also wagering and thus minimizing your losses. It may take a while before you hit the bonus game, but with a little bit of luck you haven’t lost much of your balance.

Removing the bonus buy feature isn’t the first measure taken by the UKGC and definitely won’t be the last. The UKGC is constantly trying to protect vulnerable players which brings a lot of challenges for UK online casinos. The UKGC always seems a step ahead in offering a safe environment for online gamblers and set a good example for other regulators and unregulated markets.

Final thoughts on the decision made by the UKGC

Gambling can be addictive and addictions in any form can destroy people’s life. That’s something that needs to be prevented at any time and at any cost. If banning the bonus buy feature is helping to create a healthy and safe online gambling environment, then we believe this is a wise decision taken by the UKGC. We’re curious if other regulated markets will follow.

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