Spin Booster feature by Blueprint

spin booster feature by blueprint

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Are you bored with the current range of Megaways slots? Blueprint invented a whole new free spins experience with the Spin Booster feature.

The Spin Booster feature is unique in a way, since you’re able to collect additional free spins during a bonus game without risking to lose the bonus.

Gambling for more spins is always tempting. The more spins you have during free spins, the higher your chances to win big. Until today, there were a handful of slots where you could gamble for more free spins. Vikings Unleashed Megaways is a good example. However, in this game, you risk losing it all! And that risk you won’t have when you play Blueprint slots with the all-new Spin Booster feature.

Where to play Spin Booster slots?

The Spin Booster feature explained

The Spin Booster feature works very straight forward. Whenever you hit the bonus game, you can gamble for more free spins. One additional spin at the time. You either win an additional spin, or you don’t. If you’re unlucky, you won’t lose it all. You simply get another chance to win an extra spin. If you want. But be careful, because before you know you spend over 100x the size of your bet for just a handful of extra spins.

The Spin Booster feature explained.

In the example above you see that we have a total of 13 free spins now. We can collect the free spins, or buy another spin. However, buying another spin means that you need to gamble for it. Sometimes you have over 50% chance to win an additional spin, and sometimes it’s less than 50%. This percentage varies all the time.

You see that gambling for just one single extra spin, cost you 10x your bet size. In this example we’re playing on a €/$/£1 stake. The more extra spins you manage to collect, the higher the cost will be.

Always keep an eye out on your balance, since the Spin Booster feature may cost you too much money that simply isn’t worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Spin Booster feature is a unique feature, but there are a few important things that you should know and always keep in mind when trying your luck on Blueprint slots with this feature.

🔥 What Megaways slots have the Spin Booster feature?

Blueprint Gaming will release the very-first slot with this unique feature later in October 2020: Big Cat King Megaways. We will test and review this game once it has been released.

⚡ Is it expensive to buy the Spin Booster feature?

Buying extra spins isn’t cheap. It never was and it never will be cheap. In the Spin Booster feature, you buy a single extra spin that may cost you 10x, or even 100x the size of your stake. This depends on the total of free spins you already managed to collect.

🧐 Who invented the Spin Booster feature?

Blueprint Gaming invented this new feature. They are known for their innovative work and with all the unique features, they keep Megaways slots interesting and popular among online gamblers.

👑 Which online casinos have Blueprint’s Spin Booster slots?

We hand-picked the best online casinos where you can play all Blueprint slots you like. Including Megaways slots with the Spin Booster feature. Try your luck at CasinoCasino.

Our conclusion

The Spin Booster feature is a cool feature. There is nothing worse then losing your bonus game if you want to gamble for additional spins. And that won’t ever happen with this new feature. However, the Spin Booster feature is expensive and if you ask us, it’s simply not worth it to gamble for extra spins.

Unless you’ve been very lucky and you have a big balance that you can actually afford gambling for more spins.

What is your experience? Have you already tried your luck on any of the Spin Booster slots? Why or why not?

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