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Valletta Megaways

We’re happy that Blueprint released a slot which differs quite a lot from the other Megaways slots they released. Valletta Megaways, released on the 2nd of April 2019, is a knight-themed slot which takes part in the beautiful capital of Malta: Valletta. Why is Valletta Megaways different? It doesn’t come with a lot of Megaways, no cascading symbols and no unlimited multiplier. Valletta Megaways has a very unique bonus feature which we haven’t seen at other Megaways slot before. The slot comes with 15,625 ways to win and an RTP of 96.45%.

(video by Blueprint Gaming giving a first impression of Valletta Megaways)

Things you should know about Valletta Megaways

fact number 1 for valletta megaways Knight and Age of Chivalry themed slot which takes place in Valletta the capital of Malta.

fact number 2 for valletta megaways 15,625 ways to win and an RTP of 96.45%.

fact number 3 for valletta megaways A minimum bet size of €/$/£ 0.10 and a maximum bet size of €/$/£ 10.00.

fact number 4 for valletta megaways In the Valletta streak feature any win will trigger the reels to respin until you don’t hit any of the winning symbols. 

fact number 5 for valletta megaways Valletta streak can randomly trigger on any winning spin awarding a spinning streak.

fact number 6 for valletta megaways 3 or more scatter symbols (cannons) will trigger the bonus game.

fact number 7 for valletta megaways In the bonus game any win will trigger the Valletta streak.

fact number 8 for valletta megaways Fill the screen with the same symbols in Valletta streak to get additional spins.

tip number 9 for valletta megaways Bonus buy feature will cost you 100x the size of your bet.

Valletta Megaways symbols explained

valletta megaways symbols explained
(image showing the paytable of Valletta Megaways)

The symbols in Valletta Megaways are less worth than in most other Megaways slots. The golden tiger which we would see on a knight’s flag is only worth 25x the size of your bet when you hit 6 of them (1 on each reel). In Wolf Legend Megaways you get at least twice as much if you hit 6 premium symbols. The reason why the symbols are worth less might have something to do with the so-called Valletta streak. We will explain this feature later on. The knights are the wild symbols and substitute for all symbols except the bonus symbols. In order to calculate the exact value of the symbols, you need to multiply the value with your bet size.

Is Valletta Megaways base game any fun?

Valletta Megaways doesn’t have a lot of ways to win and doesn’t have cascading symbols. But there is something unique about this Megaways slot which makes it exciting and fun to play. On every win you can randomly trigger the Valletta streak in the base game. In this feature the winning symbols will be locked and the remaining reels will get a respin. If you manage to connect more winning symbols, they will be locked again and the other reels will have another respin. This special feature will repeat itself until you don’t hit any new connecting symbols. The best thing about the Valletta streak feature in Valletta Megaways is that you get multiple chances to fill your whole screen with the same symbol. Every win you hope the Valletta streak will be activated and that makes every spin exciting. The scenery and choice of symbols make Valletta Megaways also a fun slot to play.

How to get the bonus game in Valletta Megaways?

valletta megaways valletta streak
(image showing the locked symbols in the Valletta streak feature in Valletta Megaways)

The bonus game in Valletta Megaways is a good one and you definitely playing this slot for the bonus game. In order to get the bonus game you will need to hit at least 3 cannons. When you hit 3 cannons you have won 10 free spins. If you manage to hit more than 3 cannons, you will be awarded with additional free spins. In the bonus game of Valletta Megaways the Valletta streak will be activated on every win. So you have multiple chances to fill your screen with premium symbols. In theory you could end up hitting 10 Valletta streak features back to back!

Valletta Megaways bonus buy feature

Are you unable to hit the bonus game in Valletta Megaways? Then you can always choose to buy it. Buying the bonus game feature in Valletta Megaways is expensive and will cost you 100x the size of your bet. If you’re playing with a €/$/£ 2 bet size, the bonus game will cost you €/$/£ 200. The slot doesn’t have cascading symbols and doesn’t have a multiplier, so it’s pretty difficult to get your money back if you’re deciding to buy the bonus. However, the Valletta streak makes every spin an exciting one and this feature does have a very good potential.

Due to the latest changes in regulation the bonus buy feature isn’t available anymore in the UK.

What makes Valletta Megaways a fun slot to play?

The unique feature in Valletta Megaways makes it a very fun slot to play. The feature is called the Valletta streak and can’t be found at any other Megaways slot. So if you love this feature and you want to play a Megaways slots, Valletta Megaways is the only slot to go to. Every single spin in the base game can randomly trigger the Valletta streak and that makes every spin an exciting one. Once you lucky enough to hit the Valletta streak feature, you’re just hoping you will keep hitting a winning symbol every respin. The sound make the respins even more thrilling. Once you’re in the bonus game, each and ever win will activate the Valletta streak. So each and every spin could potentially be a very exciting one. And let’s not forget about the great music choice. The music definitely gives the slot a good twist.

Is Valletta Megaways a good wager slot?

Valletta Megaways shouldn’t be used to wager a bonus on. The slot has not enough Megaways and no cascading symbols. In this game it’s all about the bonus game while wagering a bonus should happen in the base game. It’s quite difficult to hit in the base game of Valletta Megaways let alone hitting more frequent wins which is good for wagering bonuses. There are much better slots even out there to wager your bonus on. Even other Megaways slot would wager a bonus better than in Valletta Megaways.

Does Valletta Megaways have potential?

valletta megaways big win(image showing a big win in Valletta Megaways)

The slot definitely has potential. Especially in the bonus game. In the base game it’s quite difficult to see the potential since the potential of Valletta Megaways is when the Valletta streak is activated. In the base game this happens randomly on every win and that’s quite rare. However, in the bonus game the Valletta streak feature will be activated on every single win. Every win in the bonus game may potentially give you a very big win. All you need to hope for is a winning combination and a lot of Megaways. Since the amount of Megaways will remain the same during the Valletta streak feature.

Tips for Valletta Megaways

tip number 1 for wolf legend megaways The Valletta streak triggers randomly in the base game. It’s quite difficult to hit. Don’t start chasing this feature. If you’re unable to hit it, try your luck on another slot.

tip number 2 for wolf legend megaways The bonus game triggers the Valletta streak feature on every win. Don’t get tempted to buy the bonus game only for this feature. Buying the bonus game is expensive.

tip number 3 for wolf legend megaways Play with a bet size of 1% of your total balance. For example, if you deposit €/$/£ 100, then you shouldn’t play with bets higher than €/$/£ 1.

tip number 4 for wolf legend megaways Always play responsible and set limits for yourself. If you exceed these limits, consider taking a break from online gambling.

How do we score Wolf Legend Megaways?

Gameplay: 6 out of 10
Visuals: 8  out of 10
Sounds: 9 out of 10
Teasers: 7 out of 10
Potential: 7 out of 10
Features: 6 out of 10
Theme: 8 out of 10


The theme and music of Valletta Megaways are attractive and are definitely unique. So is the special feature in this slot. The Valletta streak feature is awesome to see and can give you very big wins. Every retrigger is an exciting one and of course you’re hoping to connect premium symbols. In reality big wins from the Valletta streak are rare and that’s the reason why we score this slot a 7 on a scale of 10.

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