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A quick overview


Name: Diamond Mine Megaways
Game provider: Blueprint
Release date: May 2018
Theme: Gold mine
Megaways: 117,649
RTP: 96.43%
Variance: High
Max payout: 10.000x
Min bet: €/$/£ 0.20
Max bet: €/$/£ 100.00
Features: Cascading symbols, mystery symbols, unlimited win multiplier, Diamond Mine Extra Gold and All Action version

Things we like:

+ Volatility and potential
+ All Action version
+ Extra Gold version

Things we don’t like:

– Difficulty hitting the bonus
– RTP of 96.43%
– Minimum bet of €/$/£ 0.20

Expert review on Diamond Mine Megaways

Blueprint released Diamond Mine Megaways on the 20th of May 2018. An even more exciting version of the all-time favorite Megaways slot Bonanza from Big Time Gaming. A popular gold and mines-themed slot with a stunning 117,649 ways to win. Diamond Mine Megaways is a high variance slot with cascading symbols, 6 reels, an additional reel and an RTP of 96.43%.

How to play Diamond Mine Megaways?

Have we got you all excited about this Blueprint slot, but you have no idea how to start playing? Let our how-to guide below help you.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to play Diamond Mine Megaways in 4 simple steps.

  1. Pick a trusted online casino that offers this game

    The first step is to find a casino you like and that has a good reputation among online gamblers. More importantly, the casino should have the game you’re willing to play. The online casinos we handpicked for you have all Blueprint Megaways slots you’re looking for. They are licensed by the UKGC and MGA.

  2. Open the slot and have a look at the paytable

    Before you start playing, it’s important to understand what the different features and symbols of the game are. By clicking on the burger menu, you see the value of the symbols and all other relevant information that you need to know.

  3. Select your bet size

    Now you’re almost ready to try your luck on the slot you want to play. It’s important that you select the right stake size having your total balance in mind. We would recommend a bet size of 1% of your balance to begin with. By clicking on the bet button you can decrease or increase your stake.

  4. Start spinning the reels

    Now you’re all set. Start trying your luck by clicking on the play button. Just right below the spin button, you see the auto-play function. In case you want the reels to spin automatically.

Things you should know

Before you start playing Diamond Mine Megaways, there are a few things you should know about this Megaways slot. We’ve described the key facts below.

  1. High variance slot with an RTP of 96.43%.
  2. Gold and mines themed slot and 117,649 ways to win.
  3. Varying amounts of rows and a 6 reels slot including an additional row above reels 2 to 5.
  4. A minimum bet size of £0.20 and a maximum bet size of £100.00.
  5. Cascading symbols may give you multiple wins on one single spin.
  6. Mystery symbols make the base game extra exciting.
  7. 4 scatter symbols will award you with 12 free spins for the bonus game.
  8.  An increasing multiplier on each and every win in the bonus game.

Symbols Explained

symbols and paytable
The image shows the paytable and symbols.

The payout values of Diamond Mine Megaways have to be multiplied by your stake size. For example, if you hit 6x diamonds (1 on each reel) on a £1.00 bet, you win £50.00. The diamond is by far the most valuable symbol. You will only need to connect 2 diamonds for a win, while you need at least connect 3  of any other symbol to have a win. 2 diamonds are already worth more than 3 of the 2nd highest premium symbol in Diamond Mine Megaways. The wild symbols substitute for all other symbols except the scatter symbols. If you hit more than 6 of the same symbols, you will hit some really big numbers.

Is the base game any fun?

Diamond Mine Megaways has an exciting base game. The slot has 6 reels and an additional reel above reels 2 to 5. This extra reel gives you a lot of extra Megaways to win. The base game of Diamond Mine Megaways also has cascading symbols. Each and every hit will make the winning symbols disappear and new symbols will fall into your screen.

The good and fun thing about cascading symbols is that you can win multiple times with just one single spin. Besides the cascading symbols, there is also a chance that you fill your screen with mystery symbols. These mystery symbols will turn into the same symbols and this feature thus has the potential of filling up your screen with high-value symbols. They can drop on any reel, so you need to be a little bit lucky to connect all the mystery symbols.

How to get the bonus game in Diamond Mine Megaways?

12 free spins in bonus game
The image shows the number of free spins you win by hitting 3 scatter symbols.

The real potential of Diamond Mine Megaways is in the bonus game. The bonus game can be won by hitting at least 4 scatter symbols. This will award you 12 free spins. The more scatter symbols you manage to hit, the more free spins you will begin your bonus game with. The more free spins, the bigger the potential. Also, the bonus game had cascading symbols. In the bonus game of Diamond Mine Megaways, you have an increasing multiplier. For each and every hit the multiplier will increase by x1. Having the cascading symbols in mind, you can increase the multiplier a couple of times with just one single spin.

You’ll need 3 scatter symbols to be awarded extra free spins. The scatter symbols only appear on the extra reel above reels 2 to 5. The mystery symbols can also be found in the bonus game. Imagine having an x20 multiplier and a full screen of mystery symbols turning into a premium symbol. That would be an amazing hit! Keep in mind that the bonus game is relatively difficult to hit, but an exciting base game makes the grind worth it.

7x multiplier in the bonus game
The image shows an x7 multiplier in the bonus game.

What makes this slot fun to play?

Diamond Mine Megaways is a very exciting slot in the Megaways series of Blueprint. The base game is fast and fun. Cascading symbols and mystery symbols make each and every single spin interesting. You’ll need to grind the bonus game since you need to collect 4 scatter symbols. However, the grind is fun and definitely worth it.

Once you hit 4 scatters, it’s time to get really excited. Try to build up your multiplier with the first few spins and then you will have some very exciting last spins. Diamond Mine Megaways is one of the most played Megaways slots in online casinos and is in the routine of many online gamblers.

Is this slot good to wager bonuses on?

Diamond Mine Megaways has a relatively low RTP compared to other slots in the online casino industry. This Megaways slot has an RTP of 96.43%, while some other slots have an RTP of 99%. If we have a look at the RTP, then we can say that Diamond Mine Megaways isn’t a good wager slot. However, the base game is pretty stable. The huge amount of megaways, the cascading symbols, and the mystery symbols give you often your money back or even a win.

The bonus game is usually very good and makes up for the losses in the base game if there are any. Diamond Mine Megaways isn’t a bad slot to wager on if you’re also seeking that big win that you can get in the bonus game. But if you want to play safe and get the highest chance of successfully wagering a bonus, then you should go for another slot.

What is the potential of this slot?

big win
The image shows a big win.

Diamond Mine Megaways has huge potential. This potential is mainly in the bonus game where you will start your journey with 12 free spins. Cascading and mystery symbols in the bonus game together with an increasing multiplier can give you a beautiful big win. 

Our tips to improve your experience

Diamond Mine Megaways is perhaps Blueprint’s most popular Megaways slot released to date. We would like to share a few tips with you that we came across while playing this online slot. We hope that our tips below will help you enjoy this masterpiece to the fullest.

  1. Play with a bet size of 1% of your total balance. For example, if you deposit £100, then you shouldn’t play with bets higher than £1.
  2. Don’t chase the bonus. The bonus game is relatively difficult to hit. If you’re unlucky, try it another time.
  3. Always play for fun and never chase your losses. If you lost your money on Diamond Mine Megaways and you’ve reached your limit for that day, don’t get attempted to make another deposit.
  4. Play different slots and never stay playing at one single slot, unless you’re very lucky of course. But if you’re not lucky, you might be luckier at another slot.
  5. Diamond Mine Megaways spins very fast and therefore your money can disappear very fast as well. Take a little bit of time between every spin and enjoy the slot.
  6.  The slot can pay huge amounts of money. Don’t get misled by streamers or other slot players. They play this slot a lot and most of the time only show you their best win. They also usually play with a bigger bet size.

Frequently asked questions

In our FAQ we’re answering questions that are circulating the internet. We hope that with the help of our FAQ we answer all the questions you had about Diamond Mine Megaways. If that is not the case and you still have questions left, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

🧐 What is the RTP?

The RTP of Diamond Mine Megaways is 96.43%.

⚡ What is the amount of Megaways?

Diamond Mine Megaways has 117,649 ways to win.

💶 What are the minimum and maximum bet sizes?

The minimum bet in Diamond Mine Megaways is £0.20 and the maximum bet is £100.00.

💰 What is the maximum win?

The maximum win in Diamond Mine Megaways is capped at 10.000x the size of your bet. This means that if you’re playing with a stake of £100.00, the max win is £1.000.000.

🎰 Is it possible to play for free without depositing money?

Diamond Mine Megaways can be played for free if you’re not logged in on your player’s account. You will then get a fictive amount of money to play with. If you run out, simply refresh the page.

How do we score Diamond Mine Megaways?

We’ve tested and scored Diamond Mine Megaways on all kinds of different aspects like the gameplay and potential of the slot. We hope that the score below will give you a good impression of what Diamond Mine Megaways is offering you as an online slot. 















Our conclusion

We really enjoy playing Diamond Mine Megaways and it’s one of our favorite Megaways slots of the moment. The theme and the multiplier in the bonus game are very amusing and fun to play. Diamond Mine Megaways looks promising and we’re very curious about what other Megaways slots Blueprint will release in the future. We give this slot a final score of 9 on a scale of 10. 

What is your experience? Have you already tried your luck on Diamond Mine Megaways? Why or why not?

Have you spotted a mistake in our content? Please get in touch with us, so we can update our content accordingly.

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