Cascading symbols

image explaining how cascading symbols work

Cascading symbols are known from Megaways slots. This signature feature was first introduced to us when Big Time Gaming released its very first Megaways slot: Bonanza. Also, most of the following releases by both Big Time Gaming and Blueprint have cascading symbols. A unique feature that gives Megaways slots a lot of excitement and huge potential.

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What are cascading symbols?

Cascading symbols are symbols that cascade on any win. Winning symbols will disappear and new symbols will fall into your screen. Whenever you have a win, the winning symbols will cascade. The remaining symbols will drop and new symbols will fall on top of them.

The new symbols will fall from the top of your screen. This reminds you of a waterfall where the water is pouring down the rocks. The word cascade literally means a small waterfall. Cascading symbols in Megaways slots can be seen as a waterfall and is, therefore, the perfect name for this feature. Each and every win will drop new symbols into your screen. Like a waterfall that never stops pouring, this feature can repeat itself infinitely.

Cascading symbols explained

To give you a better understanding of how cascading symbols work, we will give you a couple of examples from popular Blueprint Megaways slots.

cascading symbols in diamond mine megaways
Example 1 of cascading symbols: In the first example we’ve played the slot Diamond Mine Megaways until we hit cascading symbols. With just 1 single spin we managed to connect 8 symbols on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4. This win triggered the symbols to cascade and thus was a cascading win.
cascading symbols in diamond mine megaways slot
The cascading symbols disappeared and new symbols fell in place on reels 1 to 4. In this first example, we’re a little bit unlucky because the new symbols didn’t connect and thus didn’t trigger more cascading symbols.
cascading symbols in safari gold megaways slots
Example 2 of cascading symbols: In the second example we’ve played the slot Safari Gold Megaways until we hit a winning combination. We’ve managed to connect symbols on all 6 reels with just one single spin. This win triggered the symbols to cascade and it was thus a cascading win.
cascading symbols in safari gold megaways
New symbols on all 6 reels dropped into the screen as a result of the cascading symbols. Even though we had a good amount of Megaways, it didn’t trigger new cascading symbols in this example.

Online slots with cascading symbols

Blueprint slot gorilla gold megaways
safari gold megaways
Blueprint slot diamond mine megaways

Frequently Asked Questions

Cascading symbols are one of the most used features in Megaways slots. Cascading symbols give gamblers endless winning combinations. Since it’s such a popular feature, we’re answered the most frequently asked questions. If your question doesn’t get answered in our FAQ, please feel free to get in touch with us.

🧐 What are cascading symbols?

Cascading symbols are symbols that cascade on a win. New symbols will replace the cascaded symbols which will potentially give new winning combinations. Symbols will keep cascading until there is no new winning combination hit by the player.

🎰 Which Megaways slots have cascading symbols?

There are many Megaways slots out there that have cascading symbols. The best Megaways slots released by Blueprint with cascading symbols are: Safari Gold Megaways, Return of Kong Megaways, Vikings Unleashed Megaways, and Mighty Griffin Megaways.

⚡ What is the maximum number of cascades with a single spin?

In theory, you can get an unlimited amount of cascades with just one single spin. However, after playing Megaways slots for a while, you will notice that the number of cascades will vary between 0 and 10.

🤔 How many symbols do you need to connect for a successful cascade?

In most Megaways slots you will need at least connect 3 symbols to have a successful cascade. In some Megaways slots, you will only need 2 premium symbols to trigger a cascade.

Final Verdict

Cascading symbols are a unique feature that you will mainly see in Megaways slots. Every single win will give you cascading symbols. New symbols will drop into your screen which can trigger another cascading win. With a little bit of luck, you can have multiple wins with just one spin. This is why cascading symbols make every spin exciting. Even in the base game.

Cascading symbols give Megaways slots huge potential. Especially in combination with an unlimited multiplier which you’ll find most of the time in the bonus game. Megaways slots wouldn’t be the same without cascading symbols and thus we think it’s a genius variation on the classic fruit slots from back in the day.

What is your experience? Have you already tried your luck on Megaways slots with cascading symbols? Why or why not?

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