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The famous Gods of Olympus Megaways is now known as Gods of Olympia Megaways. Blueprint decided to rename the Megaways slots as per the 1st of January 2020. The reason why? No idea. Perhaps it had something to do that the real Olympus didn’t want to be associated with gambling. Or doesn’t that make sense? We might never know..

However, even though the name change into Gods of Olympia, the Megaways slot remains exactly the same. The same symbols, feature and mechanics. Even the same payout percentage of 96.03%. Read more about Gods of Olympia Megaways in our dedicated review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ below we will answer all questions about the name change of Gods of Olympus Megaways. If your question is not answered in our FAQ, please feel free to get in touch with us.

🧐 Why did Gods of Olympus Megaways changed its name?

This question is very difficult to answer, since we simply don’t know why Blueprint decided to change the name to Gods of Olympia Megaways. Most likely it had something to do with copyright and legal matters.

🚀 Will Gods of Olympia be different from its original release?

No, Gods of Olympia will be exactly the same as Gods of Olympus Megaways. The only thing that has changed is the name. The features, bet sizes and RTP are still the same and haven’t changed.

Our conclusion

Even though the reason for the name change hasn’t been communicated with the outside world, we really don’t mind playing Gods of Olympia Megaways or the old name Gods of Olympus Megaways. Since the features and all aspects remain the same, we still believe this is a very strong slot released by Blueprint Gaming.

What is your opinion on Blueprint’s name change? Have you already tried your luck on Gods of Olympia? Why or why not?

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