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Casino rewards or casino bonuses come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes you receive casino rewards completely for free and sometimes they come with specific terms and conditions. Casino rewards are loved by players and that’s the reason why we would like to provide you with a little more information about casino rewards.

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What are casino rewards?

Casino rewards are simply rewards for casino players. Players are eligible for casino rewards by for example being loyal to an online casino or by signing up at a new online casino. With the help of all kind of benefits for players, online casinos try to retain loyal players and attract new players.

Casino rewards at online casinos are much more attractive than the rewards you would get at a land-based casino. At online casinos, rewards for players are more generous. It’s pretty common to double or even triple your deposit at a legal online casino. Sometimes even in combination with extra spins. Casino rewards directly give you more money to gamble with and thus hopefully a longer and a more fun time.

Land-based casinos often only offer you a free drink or snack which doesn’t even come close to the casino rewards you would get in an online casino. The generous casino rewards are an important reason why online gambling at online casino’s is so popular at the moment and why gamblers prefer to play at online casinos instead of land-based casinos.

Which casino rewards are out there?


There are plenty of casino rewards to retain players or to attract new players. Which extras are loved the most by online casinos and players? We’re more than happy to share these with you. We will also explain the most common terms and conditions and what to look out for when choosing casino rewards.

Welcome bonus for new players

The welcome bonus is perhaps one of the most known casino rewards and is being used to attract new players. Online casinos are always looking for new players. Since there is quite some competition out there, it’s difficult to stand out. One way to stand out from the competition is by offering a better welcome bonus for new players than other online casinos do.

There are a lot of different welcome bonuses for new players. The most common welcome bonus is a 100% first deposit bonus and thus new players can double their first deposit. The first deposit bonus is often in combination with extra spins on a selected video slot by the online casino. The welcome bonus is only valid once and comes with a maximum bonus amount.

The most common terms and conditions for welcome bonuses are:

The welcome bonus gives you a great opportunity to try out different online casino games including Blueprint slots.

Deposit bonus for existing players

The deposit bonus is one of the most popular casino rewards for existing players at online casinos. In addition to attracting new players, online casinos obviously also want to retain players and keep existing players happy. They often try to keep loyal players happy by offering deposit bonuses.

Deposit bonuses are recurring casino rewards and are often offered several times a month. Sometimes there are nice bonuses around national holidays or vacations. The percentage of the deposit bonus differs per online casino but is often a percentage somewhere between 10% and 50%.

The percentage of deposit bonuses is usually lower than the percentage of welcome bonuses. The main reason is that deposit bonuses are recurring, while the welcome bonus is only valid once. Deposit bonuses are nevertheless an interesting and fun way to have a bigger balance and thus more money to play with.

The same terms and conditions apply for the deposit bonuses as for the welcome bonus.

Extra spins upon deposit

Free spins

Players love extra spins. Online casinos know this and therefore often offer new and loyal players extra spins upon a deposit. This way you have as a player a few extra spins to try out a video slot you never played before or a video slot you wouldn’t have picked yourself.

The video slot where you receive your extra spins is often selected by the online casino. You can only use the extra spins on this specific video slot. Another disadvantage is that you often get extra spins which are worth only a few cents. Think of £0.10 or £0.20 per spin. Any winnings you make with these extra spins must be wagered before you’re able to request a withdrawal. The same terms and conditions apply for the extra spins as for the welcome bonus and deposit bonus. Also for the free spins often the same bonus conditions apply as with the welcome bonus and deposit bonus.

Extra spins without deposit

That players love extra spins, is something we already knew. But extra spins without making a deposit first? That’s something players love even more! Both loyal and new players sometimes receive these casino rewards from online casinos. The possibility to try out an online casino without having to make a deposit first may help new players with their decision to sign up with the online casino or not. These bonuses are also being used to reward loyal players and reactivate existing players.


Challenges are frequently used casino rewards. Players can often win nice prizes during challenges like casino rewards, but also physical prizes like a new iPhone. Casino challenges can be literally anything. For example, play 100 spins on a certain video slot and receive 25 extra spins on another video slot. Another example is, winning at least 100x the size of your bet and receiving an additional profit of 10% on top of your winnings.


One of the other frequently used casino rewards is tournaments. At tournaments, you compete with other casino players for a shared prize tool. The prizes can vary from bonuses and free spins to real money and (physical) prizes such as a car or a travel check.

Often you can earn points that will put you on a scoreboard. For example, the top 50 will receive a share of the shared prize pool. A common tournament is: the one with the highest multiplier win wins the tournament. Top 50 are guaranteed a prize. In this example of a tournament, everyone has an equal chance of winning the first prize. The big gamblers, but also the smaller gamblers. It doesn’t matter what bet size you play since it’s all about the multiplier. Tournaments often last a month or even longer.

Refer a friend bonus

This is a real classic bonus. Refer a friend to the same online casino where you’re playing and receive a nice bonus. A very simple method, but a very effective one. A gambler probably knows more gamblers than he or she can easily persuade to play at the online casino where he or she plays. A small effort for often a nice extra. This is a very cheap way to find new players for online casinos.

VIP rewards

vip bonuses

Big players deserve extra attention. Bigger players often get a personal VIP manager. Special bonuses, fun trips away, expensive gifts and always the possibility to contact the VIP manager for a problem, question or request. You don’t just become a VIP player, you will first have to bring a lot of money to the online casino before you’re eligible.

If you’re able to financially miss this money and do you get a lot of fun from gambling online? Then of course there is nothing with that. However, if your financial situation is less strong and you actually can’t afford to gamble online? Then be wise and spend your money on more important things first. If you are nevertheless tempted, you can always get help from so-called addiction funds like


The cashback promotion is loved by almost all online gamblers. However, cashback promotions are quire rare nowadays. A cashback simply means that you get cash. No strings attached. Since there are no bonus terms on cashback promotions such as wagering requirements, cashback can be withdrawn straight away. Some online casinos offer loyal players cashback instead of bonuses. For example, you always get 10% cashback over your losses. How does a 10% cashback work? For example, if you deposit €/$/£ 100 and you lose everything, you will get €/$/£ 10 cashback from the casino.

How do I get my casino rewards?

If you gambled online before, you’re probably already familiar with casino rewards and you most likely already used one. You receive these extras in your player account. This can happen in three different ways and varies per online casino. You can receive bonuses automatically, you need to activate the casino reward yourself or you need the online casino to activate it for you.

Get casino rewards automatically

Sometimes you receive casino rewards completely automatically from the online casino. This is ideal for gamblers who want to make use of bonuses. A little bit less ideal for gamblers who don’t want to play with bonuses. They have to cancel the casino rewards they received every time.

Activate casino rewards yourself

In most cases, you need to activate the casino rewards yourself via your player account. Where you’re able to activate the bonuses? This varies per online casino. Usually, you need to head to “my account” where you will see something like “my bonuses”.

Here you’re able to activate your gifts. At some online casinos, it’s easier than at others. If you don’t manage to activate the casino rewards yourself, you can always get in touch with customer support.

Ask the casino to activate your casino rewards

Occasionally, the online casino needs to activate your casino rewards. The fastest way would be to get in touch with the live support of the online casino. They should be able to assist you straight away and activate your casino rewards immediately. If you’re less in a hurry, you can always send the online casino an email which is a convenient way for you and the online casino to activate your casino rewards.

What should I look out for at casino rewards?

In most cases, casino rewards have specific terms and conditions. Every reward has different terms and conditions. It’s very important that you read these terms and conditions carefully before you decide to make use of a casino reward.

Did you decide not to and did you breach the terms and conditions? Then it might be the case that you don’t receive the casino reward at all. It may also be the case that the online casino cancels your casino reward while you already made use of it. To prevent disappointment, it is therefore very important to read the terms and conditions and make sure you don’t breach them.

I haven’t received my casino reward. Now what?

Have you read the terms and conditions of the casino reward and you didn’t breach them? Then it might be possible that the online casino had a technical issue and that because of this you haven’t received the casino reward. In this situation, we would always advise getting in touch with customer support.

Tips for casino rewards

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of different online casino rewards. Each reward works differently and comes with different bonus terms. Since there are so many different casino rewards, there are also quite a lot of frequently asked questions. We will answer all of them below. Is your question not answered? Then please get in touch with us.

🧐 What are casino rewards?

Casino rewards are incentives given by online casinos to players. Both new and loyal players are eligible for bonuses.

👑 What is the most famous casino reward for new players?

Online casinos welcome new players with a generous welcome bonus. A welcome bonus usually included a match bonus and a certain amount of spins on a slot chosen by the online casino.

💰 What is the most famous casino reward for loyal players?

This question is fairly difficult to answer since players have different tastes when it comes to bonuses. Some players prefer deposit bonuses, while other players prefer extra spins or a cashback bonus.

💶 Are there any free casino rewards?

Most casino rewards have bonus terms that you need to obey when playing with a bonus. However, there are exceptions. Some online casinos really do offer players bonuses for free. Usually in the form of cash without any strings attached.

Final verdict

There are tens of different casino rewards. Each and every casino reward has a different purpose. Varying from keeping loyal players happy to get new players on board. What we can conclude is that casino rewards make online casinos unique and fun places to spend time in. Good to know is that casino rewards always come with terms and conditions which we advise you to carefully read before claiming a reward.

What is your experience? Have you already claimed and played with casino rewards? Why or why not?

Have you spotted a mistake in our content? Please get in touch with us, so we can update our content accordingly.

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