Blueprint introduces Big Win Board

January 18, 2020
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With the most recent slot releases by Blueprint, we’ve noticed something very exciting. A special button is hidden in the corner of the slot showing a winner’s podium. When you click on this button, Blueprint’s Big Win Board pops up showing the biggest wins by players on Blueprint’s slots.

The BigWinBoard is showing you the potential of the (Megaways) slot you’re playing and the potential Blueprint slots have in general. You’re even able to hit the replay button on any of the big wins on the in-game leaderboard to see how the big win happened. Exciting stuff!

Where is Blueprint’s BigWinBoard available?

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Blueprint’s Big Win Board explained

The in-game leaderboard is showing you the top 50 biggest wins made by players on Blueprint slots. Unfortunately not all Blueprint slots are included on the Big Win Board (yet). Only the most recent slots have this unique feature. So far you can find the biggest wins of the following Blueprint titles on the Big Win Board:

  • Sweet Success Megaways
  • Eye of Horus Megaways
  • Dragonfall

The button to go to Blueprint’s Big Win Board looks as follow: blueprint big win board winners podium

The leaderboard has 6 different tabs where you can see the biggest wins of all time, of the current month, of the current week, or the biggest wins of today. The top 50 biggest wins of all time don’t expire and will be forever showing on the leaderboard.

Obviously when a new big win enters the top 50, one will have to leave. The others do expire and will disappear from the Big Win Board. Besides, you can select the biggest win of the Blueprint slot you’re currently playing, or you can select the big wins of all Blueprint games. This unique feature will give you a good understanding of the real potential of the slot you’re about to play.

Instead of showing the total win, the table is showing you how many times the bet size has been won. For example, 2454 x bet. This means that if the player was gambling with a bet size of £10, the player won an amount of £24,540! It’s good to know that the Big Win Board only contains the big wins that happened at the online casino you’re currently playing at. So the scoreboard differs per online casino.

Replay big wins

As if a list of the biggest wins isn’t good enough, Blueprint even introduced a replay feature. You’re able to hit the replay button on any win featured on the Big Win Board. This way you know exactly how the big win happened and what is needed to hit such a huge amount.

Are you curious how the replay feature of the Big Win Board works? Click here to see a replay of a beautiful x729 win on Sweet Success Megaways game.

How about older Blueprint slots?

It’s exciting that possibly all new Blueprint slots will come with the Big Win Board feature. However, since Blueprint already released some very strong and popular titles, we believe that old slots will be on the in-game leaderboard as well sooner or later. There are already rumors that the popular slot Wish Upon a Leprechaun Megaways will be added very soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ below we will answer all questions about Blueprint’s Big Win Board. If your question remains unanswered, please feel free to get in touch with us.

🧐 Which Megaways slots have the Big Win Board?

Unfortunately, not all Megaways slots have the new Big Win Board. Only new releases by Blueprint will have this feature. Rumors do say that Blueprint aims to integrate the Big Win Board in every single Megaways slot they have sooner or later. Currently, the Big Win Board can be found at Mighty Griffin Megaways, Eye of Horus Megaways and Sweet Success Megaways.

⚡ How do you enter Blueprint’s Big Win Board?

In order to be listed on the Big Win Board, you need to win big. You need to either have the biggest win of all time, of the month, of the week, or of today. Once you manage to get a big win which is big enough for the Big Win Board, your win will be added automatically.

🚀 How long will big wins be showing on the Big Win Board?

The big wins on the Big Win Board will be forever saved by Blueprint Gaming. However, if a bigger wins enters the scoreboard, it will kick out a smaller win. Wins that disappear from the Big Win Board will be removed completely.

🤑 Is it possible to replay big wins on the Big Win Board?

Yes, it is possible to see how the big wins on the Big Win Board happened. All you need to do is to click on the replay button. You will then witness the big win with your own eyes.

Final verdict

We’re very excited to see such a feature at online slots. It’s a unique and very innovative feature released by Blueprint. We’re sure we will see some insanely big wins in the next few months. Especially at Blueprint slots which usually have a huge potential.

What is your opinion on Blueprint’s BigWinBoard? Did you manage to get on the board? Why or why not?

Have you spotted a mistake in our content? Please get in touch with us, so we can update our content accordingly.

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