All Action Megaways slots by Blueprint

buffalo rising megaways all action

Blueprint Gaming released a very exciting and unique way of playing Megaways slots. With their new range of so-called All Action Megaways slots you skip the whole base game and go straight away to the bonus game. All you need to do is select your total bet. All Action Megaways slots are definitely bursting of excitement. Usually you’re playing Megaways slots to eventually win the bonus game. So why not only playing bonus games? All Action Megaways slots give you that opportunity.

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All Action Megaways slots explained

As the name suggests, the All Action Megaways series by Blueprint is bursting with excitement. In All Action Megaways slots you’re not able to play the base game. So you can’t collect scatter symbols and thus you can’t win the bonus game. Since you’re not able to win the bonus round, you will enter the bonus game straight away in All Action Megaways slots. The only thing you need to do is to select the total bet size. You will then enter the bonus game. And bonus games are always good fun. Every spin is exciting because every spin can give you a huge win in almost any Megaways slot. Especially when there is a multiplier involved.

The first All Action Megaways slot

buffalo rising megaways all action
(selecting the total bet in Buffalo Rising Megaways All Action)

Buffalo Rising Megaways All Action is the first-ever All Action slot released by Blueprint. Once you select the size of your bet, you enter the bonus game. Just like in the original version of Buffalo Rising Megaways, you get to choose the volatility of your free spins.

– 15 buffalo spins and an x1 win multiplier.
– 10 buffalo spins and an x5 win multiplier.
– 5 buffalo spins and an x10 win multiplier.
– A random amount of buffalo spins and win multiplier.

The RTP in the All Action version of Buffalo Rising Megaways is a little bit higher (97.01% vs 96.50%). All the other features are exactly the same as in the original version.

Final thoughts on All Action Megaways slots

Bonus games are usually the most fun thing in Megaways slots. Moreover, the real potential is usually in the bonus game. So we totally get that some people would love the new All Action series of Blueprint. However, you’re basically buying bonuses in All Action Megaways slots. Buying a bonus isn’t really a responsible thing to do since it’s expensive and you spend a lot of money within no time. Some people might really have a good time buying bonuses without any financial risk and that’s the most important thing about gambling. If it’s too risky for you, please stay away from the All Action Megaways slots and enjoy the original versions instead. We’re curious if more Blueprint Megaways slot will get the All Action version. Time will tell..

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